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3. Topics, Collection, Tools and Resources

Check "What's New?" for when the following become available for download.

3.1. Topics

Topics are provided in an XML format in both English and Japanese. The first part consists of true/false questions extracted from The National Center Test for University Admissions. The second part consists of factoid and complex, short answer questions extracted from secondary exams from 4 Japanese universities, including University of Tokyo.

3.2. Collection

Participants are free to use any resources available with the exception of the answer sets (readily available online in Japanese). In addition, the following resources are provided, but are not required to be used.
  • Japanese high school textbooks on world history, available in Japanese.
  • A snapshot of Wikipedia, available in Japanese and in English. (Participants can also use the current up-to-date version).
  • World history ontology.
  • An ontology-annotated textbook.

3.3. Tools

  • UIMA-based Module-base QA System for module-based participation.
  • 2 baseline systems in Japanese (Javelin from CMU and MinerVa from YNU)
  • 1 baseline system in English (CMU)
  • A wide-range of language annotation tools
  • NTCIR RITE resources and tools

3.4. Resources

Slide from NTCIR-11 Kickoff event
The details will be announced later, or ask the QA-Lab Task organizers